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Limited - Black
Always at the top of the class

A product line that Dr. Kevin Laymen (MD, PhD) invents and recommends.

Our award-winning A+ Babies sunglasses for babies and kids with 100% UVA/UVB protection and flexible, durable frames.

+ Impact and shatter-resistant lenses

+ UV400, 100% UV protection

+ Polarized lenses

+ Durable and flexible rubber frame

+ A travel case

SKU# 91006

Ages: Fits most kids 3~12 years

MSRP    US$39.99
Colors:    Black    

Safe: A+ Baby has UV400 lenses that offer 100% UVA and UVB protection and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they’re safe for your child – whether they’re on your child’s face or end up in your child’s mouth.

Durable: Our sunglasses feature flexible rubber frames and impact- and shatter-resistant lenses that won’t break when you bend, twist, or step on them. Trust us, we’ve tried.

Awesome: Classic Adventure sunglasses make sure your little one is the coolest kid around.

The best part? It is a pair of glasses that could fit most 3-12 years' old child, so your child can use it for years.