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Sean Layman, Dr. Kevin Layman's (MD, PhD) son.

For all that we could provide for our son, his greatest pleasure was just playing baseball. And he was good at it. Except on sunny days. Even with a hat, he was always bothered by the sun. So we did what any good parent would do - we bought him some sunglasses. My son then did what any young boy would do - he broke them. He broke frames, he broke lenses, he broke hinges.

I wanted to know why. What I discovered was that all sunglasses are not created equal - just because it has a dark lense does not mean that it is a sunglass. The coatings on the cheap lenses can scratch or wear off; the glass or plastic may not block all of the UV-A and UV-B required; the frames were made of stiff cheap plastic that can't bend without breaking....

Nobody seemed to really care about making quality sunglasses for children because children damage and break their sunglasses.

As a doctor, and as a father, I had to solve this problem. That is why I created a new line of sunglasses just for children. Polarized sunglasses that blocked all of the recommended UV-A and UV-B light; sunglasses with nearly unbreakable lenses; sunglasses with flexible, bendable nearly unbreakable frames. A pair of sunglasses that my child can actually use for years.

May us all stay safe, stylish, wise and shine.

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